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Welcome at the website of the Joint Venture Association (JVSZ)

The JVSZ has been striving for already 30 years to contribute to the improvement of the competitiveness of the Hungarian Economy. To achieve this goal the Association on one hand supports the inflow of the FDI to Hungary and on the other hand it plays significant role in spreading the culture of the innovation as wide as possible among the Hungarian-owned corporations thus continuously decreasing the duality of the economy, thus contributing to the diversified extension of the export.

The Joint Venture Association has been established in 1986 initially as a club, then gradually developed itself to become an association, earlier foremost to represent, protect and exert by all legal means the specific interests of partly or wholly foreign-owned companies registered in Hungary, based on voluntary membership, as a politically neutral and not-for-profit association. Today there are already many purely Hungarian-owned companies, too, among the members.

According to the Statutes of the Joint Venture Association:


 2.1.1. Full- and supporting member of the Association may be companies registered in Hungary or abroad:

a.)   first of all companies with foreign participation (incl. companies wholly foreign-owned)

b.)   representative offices of foreign firms,

c.)   branches of foreign firms,

d.)   other organisations,

e.)   Hungarian and foreign nationals,

provided they acknowledge and obey the Statutes of the Association.

The member company pays yearly membership fee, that is for calendar year and depends on the volume of the registered capital of the company.
The membership fee in 2022:

Number of 0-25 person and 100 M HUF registered capital

140.000,- Ft/year

Number of 0-100 person and 100 M - 1 B HUF registered capital

215.000,- Ft/year

Number of 0-100 person and 1 - 5 B HUF registered capital

290.000,- Ft/year

Number of 101-250 person and/or 5 - 10 B HUF registered capital

490.000,- Ft/year

Over 250 person and/or 10 B HUF registered capital

590.000,- Ft/year


If the company joins the Association in the first quarter of the year, than full amount of the membership fee will be invoiced, in case of midyear joining the remaining quarters will be invoiced.

The yearly membership fee for individual members is 80 000 HUF, for indivuals to join the JVA recommendation of one Presidium member is required. 

The Presidium of the JVA decides about the acceptance to join to the JVA, about which the Secretariat sends confirmation to the company or individual person.

We kindly request to indicate the intention to join the JVA by filling out the Application form (can be downloaded HERE and sending it to the Secretariat of the JVA by e-mail: or by letter: 1112 Budapest, Budaörsi út 163B. Further information: (+36 30) 152-5105 

JOIN US! Application for Membership here

Main objectives and activities of the Joint Venture Association

  1. Interest representation, comprising the commenting of the new laws, as well as forming opinion on drafts of laws and also by participating in Working Groups thus influencing legislation on one side, and the remedy of members for eventual impairment, on the other side. Relying on its own professional skills as well as applying member corporate experts, the Association surveys members' complaints, claims and problems and in case of general interest, submits them to competent authorities for remedy. We provide our members with the chance to establish direct contacts with legislation, the law-makers, e.g. at our events our members have the chance to raise their questions directly to our invited government representatives and professional experts. The professional activity is carried out in the work of professional Committees.
  2. The JVSZ's Information service is foremost aimed at providing its members with rapid information affecting their business interests, be it changes of legal norms, business opportunities, or professional literature. For providing current and comprehensive information the Association organizes professional forums, conferences, publishes the weekly Newsletter, and constantly informs interested members in writing, by phone or in personal meetings.
  3. Promotion of partner-contacts, offering the opportunities for social contacts, like the monthly manager forums providing the participants with the opportunity to get acquited with the members, events with member companies, conferences as well as other informal, entertainment-like gatherings.

The working language of the JVSZ is Hungarian, therefore the information available at the website is in Hungarian. We publish our electronic English newsletter in almost every month. (In case of many of our organized events we provide Hungarian-English translation, too.)

Have a look into our latest publications written in English

We regularly hold professional meetings in English language for those colleagues who do not speak Hungarian in our Expat’s Club with topics that are important for foreigners residing and/or working in Hungary, e.g. taxation, social security, etc. We emphasize here, as indicated above, that at some of our events, conferences interpretation is available in English.


Upcoming events in English or with English translation:
- Business Forum with Minister Mihály Varga (28 June, 2018)

Should you have any questions about our activities, or would you be interested in joining our association, please contact our Secretariat where we are at your disposal in English, or in German, too.
Phone: +36 1 489 0368